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Carl Bosch Museum

The technical historical museum in Heidelberg offers exciting insights on the life and discoveries of Heidelberg’s Nobel Prize winner Carl Bosch (1874-1940)

The museum opened its doors in May 1998 in the original garage-house which served as the residence of Carl Bosch’s driver, and, of course, as a garage for his automobiles - the vintage brands Horch and Maybach. 

Presented within a space of 300mē and two outdoor courtyards, the museum displays the most interesting and exciting highlights of the life of Carl Bosch.

The exhibition is arranged into eight sections distributed over both museum floors and an outside courtyard. The topics range from the development of chemical engineering to IG Farben’s role during the Third Reich. The exhibition demonstrates the development of high-pressure technology from its beginnings in the laboratory to the creation of huge industrial complexes, and documents their political and economical effects as well.