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since 2 January 2013:

for your convenience the Carl Bosch Museum can be reached with the new bus line 30 bus and “Ruf-Taxi”
 You can order a “Ruf-Taxi” at the Heidelberg Central Train Station or at the “Bismarckplatz” (town centre) to the stop “Hausackerweg” by phoning 06221/302030. Take bus number 33 to “Hausackerweg” from the Train Station or from the “Bismarckplatz”. Bus number 35 from the “Bismarckplatz” stops at the “Hausackerweg” as well.  Both lines are operated daily. It takes you about 30 minutes by bus to the appropriate bus stop. From there the “Ruf-Taxi” will drive you to the museum. car
 Take the highway A 656 to Heidelberg. At the end of the highway, turn left, then right, on the B 37. Drive straight until reaching the border of the town centre (about 5 km). After a few hundred metres a signpost “Carl Bosch Museum” will lead you to the right and uphill, cross the railway, and then turn left. Follow the streets "Am Rosenbusch - Hausackerweg" uphill, until you arrive at the Atlantic Hotel in Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg. Turn left, and after about 50 metres, you will see the Carl Bosch Museum on the right side of the road. train
Travel to Heidelberg or Mannheim Central Train Station (connections: IC/ICE or EC). At the Heidelberg Central Train Station, take a taxi, a bus or the previously mentioned “Ruf-Taxi” to the Carl Bosch Museum.